The power of public speaking unleashed

Blogpost_Ann Baeke

Public speaking is a nerve-racking experience for most of us

We want to have impact. We want our audience to do something with what we have said. But how do we get there?

Natural Leaders link every presentation they give to their WHY. The one thing that is most important to them. Their purpose. This gives them the power to touch their audience. It’s hard to move your audience if you’re speaking about something that doesn’t really matter to you. Frankly, it’s a waste of time.

But even if you have a WHY, you might still find it difficult to speak up in front of 30 not to say 1000 people. Which is absolutely normal. According to most studies, public speaking is the number one fear. Once again, your amygdala, your emotional brain, is giving you a hard time.

Last week I followed an awesome public speaking course by Peggy Richie.

During her training Peggy presented some powerful beliefs that you can install in your thinking brain. They help you to avoid being hijacked by stress or negative self thoughts right before or during that important presentation. Why do they help? Because mindset determines who you will be on stage.

Check them out for yourself:

“The others don’t know how it works either”

“We are all just trying”

“No right & wrong, only cause & effect”

“What the audience doesn’t see, doesn’t exist”

“Perception is reality”

“Visualize your start, and then you only have to follow the script”

“People will only believe what you believe”

“Silence on stage is awesome.”

“People only do what they want to do. You want them to want to want what you want.”

To learn more about Ann’s company: Natural Leadership

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