A worthless tip: “You have to like it!”

The internet is loaded with beautiful tips for public speaking. What do you think about this one?

“You have to have fun when giving a presentation!”

As a keynote speaker I often ask my audience: “Who likes giving presentations?”
When I am lucky, a poor 20% will raise their hand. So, what about the other 80%?

I do agree with “You are better at doing what you like”. However, what if you really hate standing before a group? Are you a lost case? No.

I am convinced that there is always something that you cán like, even if it’s not the performance itself. This needs preparing though, it’s what I call “Mindset-prepping”.

If you don’t like speaking in front of a crowd, then think about how awesome it would be if the people in the audience would know what you know. You don’t want to keep your information from them, do you? Or, think about what the effect could be if you give an impactful presentation. You will probably be happy about thát. You have to dig a little to find this, but I am convinced there are reasons to be happy about your speech.

If you focus on: “How awesome would it be if….”, your passion wíll show and you wíll have fun. Just try it and tell me how you did!

Go get them!


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