Awesomeness or arrogance?

As a kid, when I lived in the Netherlands, I loved soccer! Not because of the game, not because of the men in shorts, but because of the ambiance in my country whenever a big game was coming up. We would sing songs about how ‘we’ would become the world champion and everything was painted orange! More than once, after such a ‘high’ start, we were kicked out of the league after the first round. Were we happy about that? No. But did we care that we made such a big fuss at forehand? Neither! We just had a great time, really enjoyed every bit of energy it gave us, and then… it was back to life as usual.

Today I live in Belgium. And Belgium has some awesome sports people. However, we are always very modest about ‘us’. I hardly hear anyone brag about the greatness of this country.  And if I ask people why, they often say that they don’t want to be ‘arrogant’.

Hmmm… so awesomeness or arrogance? Is it okay to think you are great? Is it okay to stand before the mirror, look at yourself and say: ‘Hey, I look goooood!’ Why wouldn’t it be okay? Who are you doing wrong, when you believe in your own awesomeness?  Honestly, we are all pretty awesome! And actually we are paying the people around us a big compliment. Your parents raised a great kid, your lover picked a great partner and your friends have good taste!

For me the word arrogance has more to do with what you think or say about óther people. Thinking or saying ‘I am awesome and therefor all others are losers’.

Just think of what could happen to you -and others- if you dó accept your awesomeness… Think of the people you could touch by spreading that brilliant idea of yours, without fearing that they will laugh at you. Think of the results you could achieve if you just stand up and say what’s on your mind, without worrying if the others feel the same.

The way I see it, all the great leaders of the world have at least one thing in common… they were never lead by other people’s thoughts about them. They just stood up for what they believed in, and were convinced their views were awesome.

Fear will always hold you back. And what a shame that would be. Because fear is the one thing that stands between the ‘you’ you-are-today and the ‘you’ you-could-become-tomorrow.

So what are you going to say to yourself next time you look in the mirror?

chess mirror

2 thoughts on “Awesomeness or arrogance?

  1. Ha Peggy,

    Net even snel doorgeklikt. Blog niet gelezen maar wel complimenten voor de foto – leuk!

    3 punten van feedback:

    Waar ziet de bezoeker van het blog waar hij/zij jouw boek kan kopen? Ziet hij/zij uberhaupt dat er een boek is? Voor mij is het bekend maar voor iemand die toevallig de site bezoekt? De link naar: on-stage-expertise werkt niet

    Mijn tip:

    1 extra pagina met ins/outs van je book + link waar je deze kunt kopen of desnoods bestellen per mail.

    Verder alles goed? Grt / Jurgen

    06 31 780 710 Online marketing | E-Commerce management | Marketing coaching


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