After some years working as a speakers coach, I think I can conclude that the most difficult moment in anyone’s speech is the start. We all need a couple of minutes to adjust, to warm up and to realize that we are doing just fine.

Unfortunately, we don’t get those couple of minutes, because our audience starts making up their minds from the first second we walk up there. The first 30 seconds are crucial for your first impression (and you know what they say about second chances for first impressions… ). A good warming-up, before going on stage, can save you!

Like sports I guess. You don’t wait for your warming up until you start your race…? You do it before you start, so at the real start you can beat everyone.

Here’s a few tricks that may help you warm up mentally before a speech:

1 – make a list of things that make you happy or even a ‘happiness board’ with some positive-energy pictures, and have a look at it just before you start. You will bring the positive energy on stage, and your audience will feel it!

2 – make a list of ‘best experiences’ in which you were awesome in the past. If you feel insecure, reading this list can help you feel differently about yourself before going on stage, as you have proven before to be able to do great things.

3 – meditate and focus on success. Just close your eyes, breathe deeply and see yourself being successful on stage. Think only positive & strong thoughts.

4 – use a ‘why-I-am-awesome’-list. Write down all the things that are amazing about you, all the compliments you have received in life and what you really value about yourself. Never be modest about your own qualities!

5 – find a strong warming-up-song and sing along as loud as you can! The warming-up-song will give you energy, power and make you feel awesome!

6 – write yourself a little text message – as if you were your best friend – and save it in your mobile device as an appointment. Make it  pop-up a couple of minutes before the speech. What would you like to tell yourself just before going on stage?

Be awesome, go get them!


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