What makes a good speaker?

Most of my courses start with the question : “What makes a good speaker?”.

Most people tend to find this a very difficult question. They often start giving examples of people they like a speaker. Obama, Steve Jobs, a local minister; Oprah Winfrey or the guy who reads the news…. Then I ask them what they ‘have’ or ‘do’ that makes them a good speaker, and I get answers like ‘self confidence’, ‘persuasiveness’, ‘energy’, ‘enthusiasm’, ‘nice voice’ or ‘good appearance’.

I would like to share with you my definition of a good speaker. It is actually a very simple one. Because when you think of the reason why somebody is speaking in public, the answer is very short. ‘To get the message across and make people act accordingly’.

Well… if the reason for public speaking is ‘to get the message across and make people act accordingly’ then the definition of a good speaker must be ‘someone who gets the message across and makes people act accordingly’.

Basically I don’t care how you do it, as long às you do it. Stand, sit, dance, lie down… ?  It doesn’t matter as long as you get your message across and make people act on it!

One thought on “What makes a good speaker?

  1. May I add that a good speaker is someone who inspires, you don’t have any control on what you are going to relay to your audience. It’s up of everyone. This is why INSPIRATION is relevant to me. You can only inspire if you talk with you heart and soul, about someone that you really believe in and are truly passionate about. Can’t wait to read your book and take what’s inspiring for my next leap as a speaker. Love and Loads of Magic to you.

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