And the title is:…. A Speech of Cake

After a lot of going back and forth, we have decided that the title of the book will be “A Speech of Cake” and the subtitle: “about the pleasures of public sPEAKing”

To give you a short update of the status: we are currently finalizing the illustrations and page lay-out. Then our corrector will read it one last time before we send it to the printers. So please bare with us a little longer… it will be worth your patience!

Please let us know what you think of this title 🙂

To be continued

Pegs & the book-team

10 thoughts on “And the title is:…. A Speech of Cake

    1. Hmmm we didn’t make that link, but why not? Having the best of both worlds… Help me find a twitch with that one Stef… Which two worlds could it be then?
      Thanks for your remark! Would you recommend changing the title? Let us know (as long as we didn’t print it, we can go any direction!)
      Thanks Pegs

  1. Not sure. Sounds sort of like a bad pun on a “piece of cake” and I am not quite sure I see the link with public speaking to be honest… I looked further up other posts I saw the cartoon, which (sorry) sort of confirmed things for me in the sense that I never heard a presentation about cake….pie charts (endlessly!!) yes….its different and original but (to me) doesnt convey what the book is about inthe strongest way…..

    1. Hi Jim, Thank you for that valuable remark. Hmm… like a good joke, if you need to explain the punch line, it’s nòt a good joke. The link goes to ‘easy as a piece of cake’. An easy to read / easy to apply, practical book. The illustration that I put with the post is not the cover of the book…
      Food for thought for the book-team… thank you! Peggy

      1. Oh Jim, another question after discussing your remark here : It doesn’t covey what the book is about to you, however, does it raise your interest? Does it make you curious? Or does not conveying make you think ‘this is nothing for me’. Thank you!

      2. Hi Peggy – two things – (1) I know I am going to struggle explaining this because I am not an expert in English grammar – so I am prepared to be challenged by those who are BUT to me, the English saying isnt ‘as easy as a piece of cake’ ….if something is easy, one says ‘it’s a piece of cake’ ….somehow that’s why the title doesnt quite scan right (to me) if you were to say “Public Speaking is a Piece of Cake” then I would understand.
        (2) In terms of curiousity…well, yes, there’s something there I guess, but I wouldnt immediately be thinking of the content which you including in the book. ‘A speech of cake’ (again to me – and it may well just be my imagination) has a kind of fairy-tale quality about it!! More like a kids book. Mine is only one opinion….you would do well to solicit others….

      3. GREAT info Jim! Thank you! No need to be an expert, most of the readers aren’t experts! I like your thoughts, and the ‘fairy-tale’-remark…In a way it is a bit fairy-taly… because the book is about how easy it really is, or at least how easy it could be 🙂 However, it should appeal to managers like yourself, so we should not get lost in Disneyland. Food for thought.
        I will discuss your feedback with my copy-writer. Thank you! Are you on iPad Jim?
        from sunny Belgium with a smile, Peggy

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