Meet our little man

We are proud to present to you ‘the little man from the book’.

He will spice up the stories. He was created by Tim Acke who will draw all the illustrations. We are curious to know what you think about him. Do you like this style?

6 thoughts on “Meet our little man

    1. Thank you Ines, great remark! YES we need women in the book. And Tim will be very happy with your remark. Can she be sexy? He likes to draw sexy women… I will ask him for a draft of the female version…. you will meet her soon 🙂 Let us know what you think!

  1. I would be interested to know what image the little man was expected to have. Yes he’s cute. But for me a little lacking in personality besides that. Shouldhe be learned? A little mischeviousto make you think. Something else? He’s fine as far as he goes – and if he’s just a little flag to key points, then thats also fine.

    1. Good question!! He is supposed to levitate things, make some themes visible to reinforce the core and he can make us smile when we recognize his silly-ness. He shouldn’t look “kindergarten” nor become the “star” of the book. He must just add some visible value. Like a powerpoint picture actually.

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