Just be you !

Just be you ! Don’t you hate it when people say that to you ?

I still remember a first visit of a boyfriend in my parents’ home. The boyfriend was still trying to adapt to the new situation, feeling a little bit awkward, and then my mum said: “You can just be you !”

I believe this is about the worst phrase she could have said at that moment. Just be you ! As soon as you start to want to be you, you totally forget how to do that. Just be ME? Who’s that? How does that work? What do I do normally? How do I speak? How do I move? How do I stand? You just don’t know it anymore. You totally lose track of you.

And the funny thing is, being you is the one thing you do best. There is nobody else who does being you better than… you.

In public speaking, I’ve heard people ‘help’ each other by saying similar things. “Why don’t you just do that thing you do. You know, just be you, as you always are.”

Now would that be great : to be you? Because you are actually quite ok. People like you as you are. You tend to be quite good as a communicator. When you ask people to do something for you, they usually do it. When you explain something to people, they usually understand it. And when you want to make a point, you usually achieve at doing it rather well. But as soon as you go on stage,… something changes.

Well, wouldn’t it be nice to just be you again, even when you go on stage? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Just be you !

  1. Being you is also about finding treasures. I experienced that being me, is more then what I know about myself. I still discover new gifts.
    These gifts may create a kind of ‘not being you’ feeling, but after a while they become a part of the typical you.

    1. Dear Annemiek, Thank you so much for your reaction! You are absolutely right! And I am happy to know that my story provokes this reaction for you. So maybe that should be the content of my next book 🙂

  2. there’s also a challenge here because the public speaking ‘me’ is not the one which many people immediately recognise – so just being ‘me’ (at least initially) risk’s my thinking….”ah but its a different me which is needed on stage”……….

    1. Hmm that is an interesting one Jim. Thank you for sharing it! You followed my general public speaking course some time ago, and I am sure the approach from the book will make you think about who you are and who you wanna be on stage. It’s a different way of looking at it. 🙂

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