Managing expectations

Let’s manage your expectations first. You probably have read books on presentation techniques. So have I. And they are good. Some are very good.

But when I coach people, it’s not the presentation techniques they need. In general, every sales or communication professional who is used to giving presentations on a regular basis, knows the ten rules for a good presentation. They have a backpack full of valid tips and tricks on verbal and non verbal communication. And they know the recipe for failing a speech big time.

So I started wondering, if they know all these things, how can it be their presentations miss their effect? When I travel with a CEO who is giving a perfectly prepared presentation about the new strategy of his company, and he really isn’t a lousy speaker, how come he doesn’t have the impact he wants to have?

Well, THAT is what this book is about. You’re not so bad. You don’t stumble and fall. You stand up straight, no hands in pockets, and you follow all the rules. Yet, you still don’t have the impact you deserve to have. Then you are the YOU I am writing this book for.

Step by step you will find a path to bring out the best speaker in you. I do have to warn you though, you might develop a passion for public speaking after reading this book. You never knew how simple it could be, because it is 🙂

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