My First Book!

Today is November 1, exactly two weeks after I decided I am going to be: ‘the woman who wrote a book’. A friend who challenges me ‘to dare’, told me I need a blog! And that’s when I decided I am ‘the woman with a blog’. Thank you for reading it!

What happened? Well, for five years I was writing three books simultaneously, but never shared the content with anyone. Each time I had a writing spurt, I opened one of the three word documents and started typing like crazy… just to delete it again afterwards.

On October 17, I met Jim Lawless. He spoke about ‘Taming Tigers’. His theory about the voices in your head that hold you back from daring to do the things you really want to do. My tiger told me things like: ‘Who would read a book written by you? What do you know about this? How could you ever publish a book? ‘ and so my tiger made me go back to my daily routine, in my safe little world not doing what I really wanted to. Jim challenged me, and made me look my tiger straight into the eye! (

On October 18, I met Luc Limère. He spoke about how we need a vision in life. A horizon. A compass. Because without a compass you just keep on sailing, heading nowhere, or just going with the flow. He asked me : ‘If we meet again in 40 years, when we’re old and grey, what story do you want to tell me?’. That’s when I realized I wanted to be the woman that wrote a book. Luc challenged me, and made me see my horizon. (

On Octobre 19, I started drawing my mind map. I found a nice framework to put my theory into a hands on model. And I just could not stop writing down things that I wanted to share with other people.

On Octobre 24, I choose the title for my book. BE YOU, A SUCCESSFUL SPEAKER. And I started writing.

On Novembre 1, Sophie Radermecker,  told me I needed a blog. And so as of today, you can read my story on this crazy field trip. Taming my tiger and heading for my horizon. (

My timeline? On December 25, my first draft will be lying under our christmas tree. During the month of January 2012 my creative friend Tim Acke will illustrate the book. In the meantime a copywriter will work on the content. In the first week of february we will do the last changes. And on valentines day, the artwork will go to a digital printer for the first 100 examples.

As of March you can read the official first print of my book.

Will you join me on this journey? It’s gonna be a great ride!

With Passion,

Peggy, soon to be ‘the woman who wrote a book’

One thought on “My First Book!

  1. Congratulations on this great initiative!
    Knowing you as one of the most enthusiastic and inspiring presenters with new persuading concepts, I’m convinced that the publishing of your book will become a great success.

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